The Pros & Cons of Reston’s New Wegmans

Photo Credit: Washingtonian

Photo Credit: Washingtonian

Evie Mohan, Staff Writer

As many Reston residents know, a new Wegmans store will be opening up in 2020. Wegmans is a grocery store that’s focused on nutrition and is very similar to Whole Foods. However, the prices in Whole Foods are much higher, and often, one doesn’t get the same variety that is available in Wegmans. The grocery store also has a cafe area and a place for coffee. Some pros of having a Wegmans here in Reston include: more jobs, another location to get better food, and the start of another bustling shopping center.


Firstly, this new Wegmans will have many job openings and might even employ those who are within the 16-18 age range. This is important because many high school students are looking for a job to start out their workplace experience. What better way to start than working the till or helping customers find items? These jobs can teach a student discipline and punctuality, and let them practice their math skills. All in all, it’s not a bad first job. 


Secondly, it provides another much needed location for groceries. This is important because currently, grocery stores in the area are all spaced out. A new location would help redirect traffic, so for those who shop at Safeway or Giant, the lines will decrease, and parking won’t be too much of a hassle. 


Finally, the new Wegmans will introduce a new shopping center. A new shopping center provides consumers with more choices for restaurants and other shops. 


While most are excited about the store’s arrival, some are questioning whether we really need a Wegmans. Local Reston residents have varying opinions on the new Wegmans. One resident posed the question: “What does this mean for traffic?”. 


Traffic will most likely increase in the area, and commuting will be difficult at certain points of the week. With an influx of people commuting in from the new station, and all the traffic of those nearby, the store will be crowded. Definitely look into buying groceries on Monday nights, or days where people don’t need them as much. 


Along with traffic comes pollution, both noise and emissions. All this business might pose a threat for air quality, and the noise from all the cars and pedestrians will be a problem for those who live nearby. 


Despite this, Wegmans is an exciting new part of Reston that I’m sure the community will come to appreciate it. The grocery store will give Reston citizens more choice in their shopping, offers jobs, and can even bring people together.