The Benefits of Journalism

Underclassmen, the time has come for yearly course selection, and there are endless fun electives to choose from at South Lakes. One of my favorite classes I’ve taken over my four years of high school has been journalism. This class has given me an outlet to write about topics of my choice, and has overall just been a fun environment. The benefits of journalism travel way further than the four walls of South Lakes and will help set you up for success in your future, whether it includes journalism or not. 


The most obvious benefit of high school journalism is that it will strengthen your writing skills. I’ve always prided myself on essay writing, but after taking this class it has become so much easier to write essays, research papers, etc., and I am overall a more confident writer. Journalism forces one to write about various topics, and receive constructive criticism, both of which play a factor in strengthening one’s writing abilities. Strong writing is essential in life, and writing for a school newspaper can build this foundation. 


On top of strengthening your writing skills, journalism can also help you to get involved in the South Lakes community. From covering games, to school wide events, to concerts, productions, and interviewing students and teachers, the possibilities are endless. You also get to see a bit of what goes on behind the scenes, which can be super exciting. By interviewing people, you get to connect with others in a meaningful way by learning about them, and hearing their stories. This can build up your social skills, and make you a better listener. 


As a high school journalist, you will learn how to present news from different angles, and recognize media bias. Both of these have helped me when viewing news as to what is reliable and what is not. Knowing how news is presented helps us understand the world around us in a deeper sense. 


I’m grateful for the knowledge I have learned, and the people I have met through on the SLHS Sentinel journalism team. My eyes have been opened to how the media works. Plus, the class itself is a stress free elective that I often look forward to. If you’re struggling with choosing an elective to take next year, I highly recommend joining The Sentinel Staff, as it is sure to leave a lasting impression on your high school experience.