Ultimate para Unidad

Message from Spanish Honor Society:

Ultimate para Unidad is a fundraiser started by the South Lakes High School Spanish Honor Society. We are organizing an Ultimate Frisbee tournament in order to raise money to send to Puerto Rico. Ultimate Frisbee is a game played around the world, with the only equipment being a Frisbee! You don’t need any experience in Ultimate Frisbee! We’ll show you how to play 🙂

On September 20, 2017, Puerto Rico was hit by a Category 4 hurricane, María. This storm destroyed the greater part of the power grid on the island, and devastated cities, schools, hospitals and infrastructure. According to Time Magazine, about 1 million people still lack access to potable water.

We plan on hosting this fundraiser to make a donation to the Hispanic Federation, an organization that has been working since September on their project, UNIDOS, to meet both the short and long-term needs of Puerto Rico. Please join us on April 28th for some Frisbee FUNdraising!


Visit this link https://southlakesshs.wixsite.com/ultimateparaunidad to sign up, purchase merchandise, and more!