Outdoor track petitions prom date due to conflict with regional championships May 30


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The date of the 2014 Outdoor Regional Track and Field Championship coincides with the date of the 2014 Prom on Friday, May 30.

As the date approaches, the upperclassmen track athletes will have to decide between racing in the meet or taking part in a teenager’s “rite of passage.”

Their coaches acknowledge that this is a hard decision for the students.

“It’s a shame they have to make the decision,” distance coach Joseph Schuler said. “As coaches we want them to compete but it’s up to them whether they go to Prom or the Meet.”

The Virginia High School League (VHSL) states that the regional meet have to be done by a certain time.

“Athletes don’t have much of a choice,” senior Grace Gillen said.  “They will go to the meet. The regional championship is like a stepping stone for the state championship.”

Track members created a petition that had 66 signatures to change the date to Principal Kim Retzer, but because there are so many schools in the district and VHSL rules, there was nothing she could do.

“I think there is a temptation to skip,” senior Luis Rivas said. “But, our athletes have been training, many of us for the indoor and outdoor season. So when it comes to the decision, because these are the more dedicated athletes and they have made it to the regional level, I don’t think any that I know of would choose to go to prom instead.”

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