Duggan lands new position

Duggan lands new position

Briana Carter


Andrew Duggan was a 10th grade physical education teacher. Duggan recently announced plans to move on.

Duggan accepted a full time job offer as Assistant Director of Students Activities at the beginning of December. He was already in the activities office on a part time basis, but seeing as one of his goals is to become the Head Director of Student Activities, he thought it was a good first step.

A lot of responsibilities come with his new job. They include working on sports scheduling, buses and field trips, student/athlete eligibility, and field maintenance. That is only naming a few, and no day is the same. .

“I enjoy this job very much,” Mr. Duggan said, “Every day is different and presents challenges as I learn all the responsibilities of the position.”

However, he misses the interaction he had with his physical education students. Even though he sees them every day, he will never forget the memories he shared with them. Nothing will ever break that tie.

He is the head coach of the boys’ varsity basketball team in addition to being the new Assistant Director of Student Activities.

“The season has had many good moments,” Duggan said. “We start playoffs next week. I am very hopeful as this starts. If we play well together, I believe we can have success.”