Seahawks snatch big win from the jaws of the Cougars


photo courtesy of Joseph Dagbe

Marc Goldstein and Joey Brotemarkle

On the Saturday morning after a rain delay, the South Lakes Seahawks varsity football team triumphed over the rival Oakton Cougars 60-0. A huge performance was put on by Joe Dagby, who not only scored a rushing touchdown, but also added a receiving touchdown and a punt return. Oakton’s offensive attack was neutralized the Seahawks’ defense. They had an easy time rushing the passer resulting in many forced fumbles and mistakes by the Cougars. This was a good win for the team that was trying to extend their winning streak to two games.
The Seahawks made a statement early with a series of sacks and forced fumbles for an Oakton offensive unit that could never get on any type of a roll. The Seahawks capitalized on many missed tackles and good blocking with a sweep play that got them down to the two, and after a touchdown by James Earl, they were on the board. The Seahawks then found their stride in the second and third quarters by wearing down Oakton’s defense en route to a total of seven unanswered scores by the Seahawks. The fourth quarter was then shortened to eight minutes, but the Seahawks were relentless in their attack, scoring again in the last two minutes. Next week, the Seahawks travel to play Dominion in their first road game of the season.