The best of the best: LeBron or Jordan?

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Analytics has revealed that former pros and fans have been arguing over who the greatest basketball player of all time is – LeBron James or Michael Jordan. This argument has been around for a couple of years, but has been heating up in recent years because of all of the championships James is racking up.

One of the things keeping people from deciding who is better is the athleticism. James is obviously more athletic, however he is playing in a time where there are many more ways to get and stay in shape like new exercises, diets, and workout schedules. If Michael Jordan was playing today, he would be much more athletic than he was back then.

People also say that Michael Jordan played on much better teams than LeBron James. While on the Chicago Bulls, Jordan played with seven different Hall of Famers. James has also played with seven Hall of Famers, however he never played with three at a time like Jordan did.

You can make a case for both players for the greatest basketball player of all time. As of right now, however, Michael Jordan is still widely considered the GOAT, but if LeBron James continues to play the way that he has been, then he will pass Jordan in no time.

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