SLHS Football season opens against Centerville Wildcats – Game wrap up


Image via South Lakes Seahwaks on YouTube

The Seahawks opened their football season on February 23, but lost in a devastating fashion to the Centerville Wildcats with a score of 32-26. Overcoming an early deficit, South Lakes came on strong to start the second half after being down 18-7, they scored 19 points in the third quarter to take a 26-18 lead! The Wildcats came surging back to take the lead and eventually the game to start the season 1-0. 


Centerville won the toss and elected to receive but later in the drive were forced to punt. After gaining few yards, the Seahawks had to punt and the game looked like a battle of top defenses. Later in the first quarter, Centerville scored a touchdown on a 15-yard passing touchdown which put them ahead 6-0 to end the quarter. 


South Lakes started the second quarter strongly after a 20-yard rushing touchdown and made an extra point to take the lead, 7-6. That did not stop the Wildcats and Centerville went on to score two more touchdowns in the second quarter taking an 18-6 lead into halftime. 

The third quarter was all Seahawks, as South Lakes started the half with a 7-yard rushing touchdown then followed it with a 1-yard rushing touchdown. To end the third quarter, the Seahawks scored yet another touchdown on a 52-yard pass, taking the lead 26-18. 


The fourth and final quarter was controlled by the Wildcats. Centerville threw and ran for a touchdown in the final minutes to shatter the seahawk’s chances of coming back into the game. 


After a back and forth game between two strong programs, the Centerville Wildcats came out on top with the score of 32-26 over the South lakes Seahawks. The Seahawks will host Yorktown on Friday, March 5 for the next game.