The strong team spirit behind the Field Hockey Team

Photo via SLHS Athletics

Photo via SLHS Athletics

As sports begin to ramp up after Covid-19, the South Lakes field hockey team has come back better than before. Covid took a turn and affected the team in various ways. However, at this time, they are more united and ready to win this season! 

This year it is easy to say that the field hockey team has been extremely successful. South Lakes defeated their rival, Herndon, 6-0 on August 24th. The reason for this success is that, “the team has gotten much closer and they are more optimistic about this season”, says team captain Annika Yu. Under the current circumstances, the team has been able to overcome the obstacles given with Covid-19. They all have formed strong relationships and envision the same goals moving forward. The SLHS girls field hockey team has moved up a district. Typical practices consist of conditioning such as running and stick skills. They also do different bonding activities such as a variety of ice breakers. 

Although things are getting a little more normal from the pandemic, it is still playing a role in the team’s season. So far, there has been one player who had gotten contact traced and was put on pause. This was not detrimental to the team since “there were fill-in players,” Annika Yu reassured.

The Girl’s Varsity field hockey team is looking forward to the rest of their season.