MLB Update


Image via Sports Illustrated

Rocky Green, Staff Writer

MLB is heating up as the teams battle through the home stretch of the season. The Baltimore Orioles might secure a wild card spot in the postseason for the first time since 2016, as rookie Adley Ruschman has propelled the O’s into playoff contention. Aaron Judge hit his 54th home run beating his previous single season record of 52 during. Judge is on pace to shatter his personal home run record with a shocking 62 home runs.


The Cardinals are shocking everyone as they have 2 of the top 5 hitting leaders in the league, with first baseman and MVP candidate Paul Goldschmidt and their star 3rd baseman Nolan Arenado. In addition Albert Pujols nearing his 700th career home run before he retires in his final season. Paul Goldschmidt is looking to win the MVP while leading the league in almost all stats, besides home runs as he attempts to win the triple crown.  


After a great year last year with the padres they are nowhere near where they want to be. Tatis is still on suspension for a claim on using performance enhancing drugs even after not being able to play already for more than half of the entire MLB season. He is expected to come back around 40 games into next year’s season if the suspension holds up. The team hopes to hold onto their stars like Manny Machado,Yu Darvish, and Juan Soto.


The Dodger have the best record in all of MLB with a record of 90-39. They are going into a tough series against the White Sox and Tony La Russa. Tony La Russa is still undergoing recovery and is still out indefinitely. Following the Dodgers Mookie Betts is still on fire for the Dodgers while leading the team in most home runs and highest OPS and ZFreeman leads the team in average and On Base Percentage. The Dodgers are trying to keep up their number one spot and win the division.


Meanwhile in the Bronx, the Yankees early in the year were expected to blow away the competition. Recently, the Yankees have not been up to par. The Yankees, what was a 15 game lead in their division, dwindled down to 5.


The MLB is heating up as we near the postseason. Players nearing records and season highs as the season goes through the home stretch.