College football playoffs

With the college football playoffs starting up soon, teams are looking to finish the season strong so they can reserve a spot for the CFB playoffs. The current College Football Playoff rankings have Georgia at one, Michigan at Two, TCU at Three, and USC at Four. 

The Georgia Bulldogs will try to repeat their same playoff run from last year by becoming back-to-back champions. Georgia is playing LSU on Saturday, December 3, for the SEC Championship. This will be the final week of games before the playoffs. 

Michigan is currently second in the rankings and will play Purdue in the Big Ten Championship game Saturday night. While last year, the Wolverines lost to Georgia in the semi-finals, this year they are looking to be a serious contender for the championship.

The complete underdog, the TCU Horned-Frogs are riding a hot streak as they are currently 11-0. They have blown all projections out of the water and are also being compared to last year’s Cincinnati team that made the playoffs. TCU have beat the teams on their schedule and will look to continue their momentum for a championship.

USC is currently fourth in the rankings and will play in the PAC 12 Championship on Friday in Las Vegas. Although USC’s schedule wasn’t the hardest, they have beaten high ranked teams like Utah and UCLA. The team is led by Caleb Willimas, a transfer from Oklahoma,  and has completely changed their game plan and overall atmosphere of the team.

The college football playoffs are some of the most exciting times of the year, especially with teams that have surpassed previous expectations. The playoff games will take place on New Years Eve with the championship on January 16th.