National track success

With many school-records broken and gold medals earned, it is safe to say throughout last track season, the athletes did incredibly well!. The girls 4×800 relay team is off to Nationals after not only breaking the previous school record twice, but also winning! The team includes freshman Caroline Elliot, sophomore Catalina Simon, junior Bella Harsanyi, and senior Annalise Williams.


The team worked very hard all season to receive this accomplishment. All season, these girls put all their effort into making the relay the best it could be. They did all they could including showing up to practices, doing the best they could at meets, and even enforcing a good diet. All this work paid off.


“To prepare, we had some team meetings where we decided we wanted to go to Nationals. We decided we were coming to compete, not just coming to be there. We also made sure to encourage each other during that last week of practices. We made sure to practice good nutrition while we were there as well,” senior Annalise Williams says.


The Nike Nationals were held in New York, meaning these girls got to travel all the way to the city! They also got to explore the city during their visit. When they got there they had time to walk around Times Square, and do some activities outside the meet.. Just being at the meet was memorable as well. With it being Nationals, the top athletes in the country were there, allowing the girls to meet some of the best track stars! This meant that the girls were able to meet and talk to some of their favorite athletes.


“The environment at Nationals was super cool. It was interesting to see many big name athletes competing. A bunch of U.S number ones were there who were super interesting to talk to, as well,” Williams describes.


Although the winter season has officially finished, the spring season is underway. This group has made it a goal to return to Nationals again this season, and will work just as hard to do so.


“We really want to go back. Hit outdoor Nattys,” Williams concludes.


This achievement is super impressive, and the school is very proud of their success. Considering how the Winter season went, we are all excited to see what the Spring season brings!