Seniors anticipate Beach Week

Lily Shtuhl, focus editor

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Although not typically a school sponsored event, Beach Week is a tradition amongst graduating high school seniors. Planned by the students themselves, Beach Week is exactly what it sounds like, a fun week spent at a beach house with classmates. Groups with an average size around twenty, rent a beach house and a parent chaperone signs for them.

To rent a house you must be twenty five.

Graduating seniors often rents houses nearby and invite each other over for parties or to hang out at the beach during the day.

Movies and television often portray Beach Week as a time for trouble, with connotations regarding sex, drugs, and alcohol. Like all stereotypes, this isn’t necessarily true. Or is it?

Last year, a whole house of South Lakes High School 2010 graduates were kicked out of beach week when a few of them were caught jumping off of a balcony.

Two years ago, a house rented by Herndon 2009 graduates racked up $4,000 dollars worth of damage that their parents had to pay off. They reportedly broke a door, coffee table, and ruined a pool table when they rolled marijuana blunts on the surface.

The South Lakes Class of 2011 is taking more precautions so their five houses don’t fall to similar fates. About 80 seniors plan to attend Beach Week this year.

“We’re definitely setting some loose rules this year. It would be awful to get kicked out of Beach Week early,” said senior Emily Harper.

“We’re honestly just trying to get a good suntan,” said senior Nick Guarnaccia, “and maybe save some baby turtles while we’re at it. Did you know that over half of baby turtles born this summer will die because they can’t make it to the ocean?”

Guarnaccia’s house is planning to have nights with fun themes including Pirate Night and Ping Pong Championship.

“I will be building my sandcastles entirely sober,” said senior Kevin Muir.

With a class as responsible as 2011, the seniors are sure to have a good time together before they leave each other, and depart for college.

“I know it’ll be a week of fun, friends and memories we’ll never forget,” said senior Morgan Alston.

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