App idea becomes reality


Around three years ago, freshman Jenna Kaufman formulated an idea about a new app for electronic devices such as iPods and iPhones.

The idea for the game began during softball practices and her coaches words of encouragement only helped fuel the flame of thought as well.

“People would always walk behind the field where we practiced,” Kaufman said. “Our coaches would tell us to try and hit the balls over the fence where they were walking.”

The concept of hitting someone on the opposite side of the fence is what led to the game “Hit the Grandpa.”

To Kaufman, Hit the Grandpa was just a fun idea. Before the spring, she never thought it would actually be an achievable goal.

“It was basically more of a team joke,” Kaufman said.

Little did she know that when she made the JV softball team in high school, her app would soon become a reality.

Graphic Designer Carlos Soto works part time at South Lakes as the head JV softball coach. When Soto heard the idea of Hit the Grandpa he was intrigued.

“My first thought was who is this going to offend,” Soto said.

Despite his initial bit of worry, Soto found the game very interesting and took it upon himself to create the app.

“The game is unique for two reasons,” Soto said. “It is unique because of who came up with the concept and that it was an idea when she was very young.”

While he does not have a set date for the release of the game, Soto hopes it will be released within the year.

“It takes a while to get the program written and the images created,” Soto said.