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Homecoming 2018 Spirit Days Revealed

Sophia Landeryou, Student Life Editor

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Blues and green day: Wear green and blue to show school spirit
Woodstock day: Wear hippy themed clothes and tie-dye
Battle of the bands: Each class has a theme(Freshmen-country, sophomore-pop, juniors-rock, seniors-disco)
Beach boys vs KISS: Hawaiian vs rocker
Prism day: Wear your class color(freshmen-green, sophomore-blue, juniors-yellow, seniors-orange)

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Sophia Landeryou, student life editor

Sophia Landeryou is a student life editor and returning journalism member. In her spare time she likes to swim. She loves anything sweet, especially chocolate. She’s super excited about the upcoming year and hopes to continue learning.

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Homecoming 2018 Spirit Days Revealed