What’s really behind MYP?


To Sophomores at South Lakes High School, the Middle Years Programme (MYP) project plagues the months between October and January with stress. The MYP project is a “culminating Middle Years Programme (MYP) project to develop the student’s personal interest and to show and apply the skills,” according to the International School, Utrecht. To be plain, the project is adopted from the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, based off of student interests and goal based learning.

These projects are unique and span across a wide spectrum of variety, depending on the student’s interest. Some MYP projects have products and outcomes that are more successful than others, but most importantly, all MYP projects depend on initiative and persistence. 

Many 10th-graders often succumb to procrastination habits, waiting until the last minute. This does not agree with the rigorous amount of organization associated with this project. The MYP isn’t always hard, necessarily, but the rubric is awfully unforgiving. 

The difference between some projects that not many people realize, is that some students choose a project that is completely independent. Every project is technically independent, but where the line that differentiates each, is drawn at the data collection step. Most charity based, vendor based, or general customer or donation reliant projects are completely dependent on how well your consumer responds to the product you provide.  Drawing conclusions based off of data or profit quantity are the most dependent experimental variables you could tackle during this personal project, and the students who choose to go down that path are typically at a disadvantage.  

As this is the case for many unsuspecting sophomores, it should be taken into account for how you select your project topic. Take it into your best interest to thoroughly think through exactly where your topic will take you. 

The MYP is a grueling process for some people but it is nothing to be scared of if you pick the right topic for you, and keep up with due dates and deadlines. For all who have not experienced it yet, good luck rising 10th graders!