Fun spring activities


Audrey Wheeler, Staff Writer

I know what you’re thinking. “It’s still winter, so why are you talking about spring already?!” Just hear me out! In northern Virginia, it’s hard to tell whether or not spring will come early, on time, or late. Why not start planning out your spring bucket list now? Who else is tired of participating in the exact same hobbies during the springtime? I know I am! Look no further, below is a list of super easy and fun activities that you will love! Hey, it’s better than sitting at home scrolling on your social media apps all day, am I right?     



  • Plant your own garden ~ Fruits, vegetables, plants, and flowers, oh my! This could be my old soul talking, but it is so much fun being able to see something that you planted begin to grow and flourish overtime. Seriously! From setting out seeds, to watching your rusty backyard become an adorable landscape, gardening is undeniably a blast this time of year!  




  • Give your room a makeover ~ A new season means new renovations! Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a total drag! Have some fun and give your room a little fixer upper! You don’t have to completely change everything in your room, even a small and subtle difference in certain areas, such as pop-up colors, new wall hangings, and rugs can make your room look brand new! Who doesn’t love a (somewhat) new space?




  • Make a time capsule ~ I’m sure you’ve heard of this fun idea from friends, family, or even movies or television series (*cough* “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” *cough*)! I love this idea because you can reflect on your past self and see if you still resonate with the same likes and dislikes as you used to. It’s simple! Just grab a box of any size and write a letter to your past, present, or future self. You can also place some small trinkets in it (such as a key chain or something close to you), or literally anything that you want to open in 1,5, or even 30 years from now!




  • Go outside ~ This may sound silly to some, but seriously! It’s safe to say that our generation isn’t known for exploring nature, but very known for sitting on the couch while passing time scrolling through social media. You’d be surprised at how many things you can do and places you can see in the area! Some suggestions are going on a picnic, hiking, driving to see the mountains, or going out to see the new spring flowers; the possibilities are endless.




  • Do something new over spring break ~ Whether you’re  planning on staying in the area, going on a road trip, or jet-setting to a tropical island, there are always new and exciting places to discover over spring break! If you’re staying in the northern Virginia area, search for a hiking trail you’ve never been to or find a new coffee shop! If you’re traveling on the road over break, stop by a store or attraction that catches your eye along the way, it’ll make for unforgettable memories! If you’re planning on flying to the tropics or a beach landscape, make an effort to do activities that you can only do in that area such as going scuba diving, surfing, or simply doing nothing. Be honest, it’s probably been ages since you’ve managed to be still and quiet for a long amount of time, so let’s just consider that “new.”