Applying to college in a pandemic


Quinn Kamernick, Staff Writer


With the pandemic this year, it is very obvious that applying to colleges will be very different. Major things that have changed, including the way that college information is communicated, college visits and gathering information. With these changes, seniors in the class of 2021 have to adapt to the new form of applying to colleges.


College information is now being communicated through email for the most part. This is less ideal because, for some students, they need to be reminded in person for deadlines. This is especially challenging because sometimes students will not see the emails until it is too late.


With the COVID-19 outbreak it is obviously impossible to do in person college visits. There have been changes to how colleges are approaching the visits. Now, instead of just being able to show up to the college and walk around, students must make appointments ahead of time where there would be a group of representatives from the college who will have a virtual walkthrough of the campus.


Lastly, the other big thing which is different this year is gathering information on the colleges which students are applying to. In a normal year there are many information sessions held by the school to give students information. This year however, there are still information sessions, however, they are not held by the school and students are in charge of registering for them on their own time. Senior Nick Ramirez stated “It’s really hard to gather information about colleges without any type of in person information sessions.”


Applying for colleges is very different this year. There are more challenges and students have to take much more of the responsibility on themselves.