Five ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day while staying six feet away


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As many know, February 14 is creeping up very quickly, almost bringing us to the one year anniversary of the countrywide shut down. But there’s no need to discourage this love inducing holiday with dreary talk of COVID-19. There is plenty to do this year with your significant other while respecting pandemic policies. 

Take up the art of cooking!

Nothing says,  “I want to be with you more,” than making a complete mess in the kitchen together. Get your hands dirty and make some delicious chicken parmesan, a stunning spaghetti and meatballs, or even a plate of nachos for a romantic dinner date at home. It doesn’t matter how outstanding of a cook you are, everyone always has a good time dancing to music while just gathering ingredients! And if the dinner ends up tasting like that bad love poem your middle school crush wrote you, there’s always a heart shaped pizza just a phone order away! For recipe ideas The Food Network has a great list of easy dinner specials you and your S/O can try out. You can do a cooking call on Zoom to keep things safe!

How to Make Heart-Shaped Pizzas - Easy step-by-step tutorial with photos. Grab some dough, arm yourself with the "pinch-and-pull" technique, and go heart-shaped this Valentine's Day! Easily customized for meat-eaters, vegetarians, or vegans.
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Play a game of charades!

It’s Valentine’s day, and you’ve got to add a little bit of healthy competition to your perfect date night. First, have you and your partner write down moments you had together that you both remember fondly, whether it be a special date, an inside joke, or a sweet text message, and put them all in a pile. Each of you will take turns picking a card from your own pile and acting out the scenarios to see how quickly your S/O will guess them. If you both have a good natured competitive spirit, this is a great way to reminisce about your favorite relationship memories. And after the charades are over, you could relive your love connection with a quick game of connect four!

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Have a winter wonderland themed photoshoot!

This Valentine’s day the forecast is calling for a bit of snow! How Romantic! Get bundled up in your boots and mittens and take a trip out your backyard or local park and take cheesy couples pictures in the snow! You might need a third person to help you out with capturing the perfect picture, but pull out the corniest couple pose you can, print it out, and frame it as a gift for a future holiday or birthday. It’ll prompt a laugh for sure! If silly pictures aren’t your jam, capture some sweet candids and post them on social media to make all of your single friends wish they had someone to sit in the snow with! 

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Get Crafty!

It doesn’t matter if you’re both artists or not for this next idea, but it sure would help to have some markers and construction paper around! You and your partner should try your hardest to make the worst Valentine’s Day card in existence. Write each other awfully cliche poems, draw hearts with googly eyes, or even try to draw each other on the inside of your cards. Whoever has the cringiest card wins! For bonus points, add as much glitter as possible!

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Paint a portrait of each other!
Again, to make this artsy challenge fun, neither of you needs to be Picasso. Pick up a few canvases, brushes, and paints and try to paint each other to the best of your ability. See if you can outdo your partner by creating the silliest version of their face, or the most accurate version of their face. If neither of you are particularly eager to draw faces, maybe try to follow one of Bob Ross’ tutorial videos and see who’s landscape turns out the best! Painting can get messy, but it’s surely more fun with someone you love!

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