2022 Homecoming Overview

Anna Dooley , Staff Writer

This year’s homecoming dance was a thrilling start to the school year, with the “Who Dunnit” preparing students for Halloween scares! 


Not all schools are fit for electrifying dances with energy high enough to make your bones shake. Not all student bodies are close enough to throw their pride to the side and dance through the night. Not all leaders are able to put together parties, pep rallies, and spirit competitions on top of completing school work- but this year’s student body was able to pull together the most highly attended dance in the history of South Lakes! 


This year’s theme was “Who Dunnit”, a spooky mystery-themed take on the traditional dance which takes place close to Halloween. Once you get past the lines to enter the school, the work put into South Lakes’ main hall was evident. String lights embellishing the walls and ceilings, posters and paintings embodying the theme linked to the mystery television show Stranger Things. Students hugging and showering each other with compliments welcomed you with  stunning dresses, suits, and shoes. 


One particular hit from that night would be the photobooth outside of the entrance of the gym. Everyone wants photos to remember their night, and having a photo booth to capture students in their ‘Saturday best’ was a smart move by our leadership team. 


Although the dance was packed, there were complaints about the music. Though students were dissatisfied with the songs played, nothing could stop them from dancing in the lights. It was easy to get lost in the massive crowd, with circles of friends jumping around and laughing the lyrics to some infamous party music.


If you aren’t one for big parties and loud music, South Lakes has got you covered. The lecture hall was converted into a laid-back movie theater with games and snacks. For party-people who needed a break, the lecture hall served as a great place to relax, watch Scooby-Doo and play some ping pong. 


Our South Lakes Leadership team worked hard this year to make the dance perfect for everybody. Leadership Executive Megan Keating pours her heart into her work and was thrilled to see the dance turn out as well as it did. 


“I think we involved more areas of the school this year and I hope we continue to expand the spirit!” Megan added. 


Another year, another homecoming in the books. The first dance of the year has to set the tone to students for all the upcoming events of the year!