Trio of sophomores bake together for their MYP project


Angelica Torres

Sophomore Sona Wieczorek bakes banana pudding for the IBMYP project she completed with sophomores Angelica Torres and Richard Torres.

Sophomores Angelica Torres, Richard Torres, and Sona Wieczorek partnered for their International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program Personal Project.

The trio’s original plan was to bake six Spanish desserts and six English desserts.

“I decided to bake because it seemed really fun to try and make different types of recipes, and see how two different cultures are the same and different,” Angelica Torres said. “I like how some dishes are harder and easier to bake.”

In the end, they were only able to make four English and three Spanish desserts.

The three worked together to bake blueberry bread, zebra cake, red velvet cake, banana pudding, tres la leches (three milk cake), arroz con leche (rice pudding), and sopapillas.

Their project took them about two months to complete. They agree that time management was an area of weakness.

“We didn’t necessarily reserve time as much as we should have,” Richard Torres said.

Angelica Torres also has suggestions for how they could have improved their project.

“If I had to redo my project I would change the amount of dishes we were doing and then improve what we did with some ingredients,” Angelica Torres said.

Still, they have no regrets about their project and in fact enjoyed doing it very much.

“The project was delicious,” Richard Torres said.

“It was fun making dishes, and it was even better eating it for lunch,” Angelica Torres said.