“Respect” is a simple seven letter word that can make a huge difference of the enjoyment of game. As a softball player, it is necessary to have respect for your teammates, opponents, coaches, umpires, and the game itself.

One of the worst feelings in the world is to have your teammate yell at you. They can make up excuses such as they were tired, it accidentally slipped out, or they are just really competitive. At the end of the day however, there is no reason you should yell at your teammates.

Softball is a team sport and a game of errors. If you cannot work together and accept that no one will ever be perfect, you need to evaluate your opinion.

Everyone wants to win and one of the obstacles in your way of winning is the other team. Does that mean you have the right to berate them and put them down? Not at all, instead you should be doing the opposite.

Everyday you take off is a day your opponent is out training and preparing to play you. Instead of being rude to them, you should thank your opponent because without them, you would just have practices. Use the fact that you have an opponent to push you to work harder.

Despite some belief that umpires and coaches are supposed to be perfect, they are really not. They are just adults who have a love for the game and obtain a different way of expressing it. If you disagree with something your coach or ump tells you then you ask them about it respectfully. They will make mistakes but that is just a part of the game that you have to accept.

Softball is a game where success is acquired when you respect both the people around you as well as the game itself.