How to beat a slump

Being in a slump is hard on an athlete. Not only does it affect you physically but it also affects you mentally.

Hitting is a key part of softball. Even if your defense in amazing and you shut your opponent out, if you cannot score then the game will end as a tie.

The irony behind hitting is while it is such a major aspect of the game it is also something that if you succeed three out of 10 times than you are considered good at it.

While keeping that fact in mind no one likes to strike out or have the other team field their hit. Having the other team throw you out is annoying but striking out is 20 times worse.

When you are in a slump that often means something is wrong with your timing or your form, which often takes a physical toll on how you play and a mental toll on your confidence which can hurt your physical abilities even more.

Getting out of a slump is a hard but manageable activity. In order to do it you have to find the perfect mix of ways to improve your swing without freaking out about it. Nine times out of 10 a slump is more mental than physical, if you keep getting down on yourself about it than it will be that much harder to fix it.

The thing about a slump is that, as hard as it is, you have to forget about it. Instead of remembering all your strikeouts remember all your hits and how it felt to get them.

You cannot expect your swing to be fixed magically but you also cannot overstress about a slump. Take extra repetitions in practice, work some on your own, talk to your coach about what you think you are struggling with, and just remember to not give up.