Never let a loss keep you down

These is no question that winning feels better than losing. Whether you crushed a team by 10 or barely beat them by one, just the knowledge that you got the “W” can be enough to make ones day.

The thing you have to remember though is that at one point or another you were the team who was mercy ruled. No one has never lost a game which means that everyone knows how bad it can feel when you lose.

In softball there are going to be games when you do well and there will be games when you do poorly. The sooner you accept that fact that better you will do in the long run.

As long as you give your all every second you are on the field, though there will always be sadness, the idea of a loss will not affect as much in a negative way.

Instead of looking at a loss and being discouraged by it, you should use it to feel motivated. If you give a game your all then you will able to figure out what you need to improve on.

Take the disappointment that comes from losing and use it to push yourself to work harder.

Losing is an inevitable part of softball and it likely is not your favorite part of the sport. No matter how bad a loss is you can always gain something from it. So instead of letting a loss make you feel discouraged you should use it to help you improve.