Howling Halloween Dog Contest


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I  have a question for you. What’s more adorable than a dog? The answer is, a dog Halloween costume contest! On Saturday, October 29th was the first ever halloween dog costume contest in the Reston Town Center. There were dozens of dogs that participated in the event, along with coming in spirit. Owners of these furry canines were supposed to dress up with their dogs.

There were three different awards in the contest: Most creative outfit, DIY award, and the best tag team. To win these awards, owners went all out, by dressing their dogs in innovative outfits like Dog In A Hat, Wonderdog, R2D2, Batdog, and even Donald Trump.

The most creative outfit award went to a dog dressed as Donald Trump. The dog’s owner based the idea off of current events.  

“We asked ourselves ‘What’s the biggest thing in the news right now?’ and we thought immediately, Donald Trump.”  

The winner of the DIY award, who dressed their dog like a German with lederhosen and they replied “Well, she is part german shepherd, and we wanted to get her back to her roots, and dress up for the occasion. Plus, it was Halloween and we had an excuse to dress up!” I asked him how he felt about the competition. He responded with “Oh, it was great. It was awesome to see everyone have a really good input, and it was nice for everyone to dress for the family event with the traditional outfits and some other original ideas.”

In conclusion, the dog show was a lot of fun and i recommend that people attend the event the following year. It was all around a fun time to dress up and interact with other people. Not to mention the adorably cute dogs.

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