Toys for Tots


Toys for Tots is a charity that collects children’s toys during the holiday season from people and donates them to less fortunate families with kids. Toys for Tots is run by the United States Marine Corps and it started in Los Angeles in 1947. Bill Hendricks was the man that came up with the idea to start this organization, he was inspired by his wife Diane. It simply started with a few marine reservist that collect toys in bins outside the Warner Bros movie theater, and that year, 5,000 toys were collected. The next year, Toys for Tots released  their very own campaign and got celebrity support at the  Warner Bros Studio. The red train logo that Toys for Tots is represented by was designed by Walt Disney Studios in 1948. This Organization has grown so much since then, and now it’s all over the nation, Millions people are donating new toys for the less fortunate kids that want toys for the holidays. Want to spread the holiday cheer and be giving this year? Well now it’s easy! Reston Town Center is holding a Toys for Tots drive until December 9th, so go get some new toys, and make a child happy on Christmas morning!