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A Teacher’s life in the trailers

Hannah Casey, staff writer

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Have you ever wondered what life is like as a teacher in the trailers? I have spoken to some teachers who live the trailer life, and now understand the pros, cons, and some their wishes. Due to limited space in the school, the trailers have been created.The classes in the trailers consist mostly of the language department, business, and math. Many of the teachers enjoy the community created by the trailers which is new to the language department who haven’t been together in the past years.

Madame Moran says that “It’s a lot easier to communicate with colleagues, because some are just one door away.” When Madame Moran has her off periods and time in between classes she can easily talk to her colleagues about plans, or any other information they need to discuss. In the building, it would usually take a planned meeting after school in order for her all colleagues to be in one place at the same time.

Along with the negatives, there are also many pluses to the trailers, like being able to control your own heat. In the school teachers can’t control their own air conditioning, and many know that it can get very hot in the school. In the trailers the temperature can get extreme at points but with the manual control of their temperature it makes it a lot more enjoyable  and easier to regulate.

Mrs.Ricks, the DECA teacher who has a trailer class says “In the trailers you avoid chaos that takes place in between classes.“ Two French teachers, Madame Buchanan and Madame Moran agree with Mrs. Ricks. Students in the school are often distracted by other students roaming the halls, or being able to take constant bathroom breaks. However, in the trailers it’s harder to become distracted because there are less opportunities to go back into the school with the time consuming trips.

The trailers also provide fresh air and natural light to the teachers and their classes, which is believed to be good for learning. In the school their aren’t as many windows and not a lot of fresh air, which is also not as good for people’s health.

Although there are many positive factors to the trailers, one of the biggest drawbacks for teachers in the trailers is how far off the trailers are from the school. Teachers often need to take long trips to the copier, or the bathroom but with only six minutes between classes it is almost impossible to get in the school and back out before the students fro the next period start arriving.

Although trailer life can be hard at times Madame Moran and Madame Bachman have a hands on idea that could make the trailer life a little more

enjoyable. The language department has wishes to soon paint the trailers

reflecting off of the many cultures and languages learned in the trailers. This project could make the trailers a happier environment and a more positive place to learn. This is also a way to get students involved, and a way to leave their mark on the school.

Overall, the trailers are both positive and negative for learning. Many people associate the trailers with negatives, but in conclusion, the trailers are a lot more positive than people think.

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A Teacher’s life in the trailers