American vs. Italian High Schools (according to an Italian girl)


Sara Marzaro

Sara Marzaro, Staff Writer

Many people from around the world dream of America, a multicultural country which offers a lot of opportunities and innovations. But why are foreign students so drawn to this nation? There is one possible answer: high school. Due to how it is portrayed in many movies, it seems wonderfully different.
In Italy, there are various types of high schools:

· humanities schools
· foreign languages schools
· math and science schools
· fitness schools
· business and law schools
· art schools

Although these institutions focus on specific subjects, every school imposes the study of Italian literature, history, geography, math, science, and English. Italian students attend high school for five years. However, vocational schools last three years. Vocational schools are generally for students who would like to be hairdressers, beauticians, carpenters, or mechanics. Most of Italian schools do not organize any after-school activities and clubs do not exist. Sometimes, you can find drama, choir, and some sports but they are not considered as important as studying.
American schools involve students, giving them the possibility to socialize and discover skills and talents through clubs. Teachers encourage students to participate in activities or school events. Teens are able to feel like they are part of something and have more initiatives. The relationship between professors and students is friendly; there is no reason to feel under pressure or intimidated. Teachers really care about students and not only about their academic performance.
School is a huge part of young people’s lives, and it should not be a burden. It serves a purpose by providing important lessons that can be applied in everyday life.