Outstanding Teacher Nominee: Mr. Pallow Parajuli

Sophia Landeryou, online editor

Mr. Pallow Parajuli, a Physics teacher at South Lakes, has been teaching for about three years. This year, he has been nominated for the Outstanding New Teacher award. Mr. Parajuli knew that he wanted to be a teacher after being a long-term Geometry substitute. According to him, the best part of South Lakes is the students, and his biggest strength is “building connections with [them].”

The biggest challenge of teaching for Mr. Parajuli is that “sometimes, [he] will have to babysit,” but there are the rewarding moments when “[he] will be having a conversation with someone and they will say something really meaningful to [him].” Mr. Parajuli loves South Lakes because “it is the right combination of everything.”

There have been a lot of changes to the classrooms due to technology over the years; Mr. Parajuli thinks that technology in the classroom is very important. “I know we are in the process of going one to one next year, so I am in the process of changing what I am doing next year,” he stated.

“Sometimes, I go home and I I think that ‘it was a crazy day, but it was worth it,’” Mr. Parajuli remarked.