How to submit a shoe box parade float


Abigail Paulikonis, Staff Writer

Since South Lakes Leadership is not able to host their annual spirit week and homecoming parade, they decided to continue on the tradition and make the best of being stuck at home. Leadership decided to instead host a shoe box parade, where students are allowed to express their creative side and design a shoe box. Students can then submit photos of their shoe boxes to the QR code below. After you do that, Leadership will announce the winners on social media and the morning announcements!


Follow these simple steps: 

  1. Find a Shoe Box
  2. Plan your design 
  3. Get the supplies
  4. Make your vision come true
  5. Take a photo of your masterpiece
  6. Scan the QR code*
  7. Fill out the Submission form (make sure to choose the Category you are submitting for)
  8. Upload your photo
  9. Then you’re done!!
  10. Teachers will judge who has the best shoe box for each category, and the winners will be announced on the morning announcements!

*QR Code:

Image courtesy of SLHS Leadership