South Lakes band offers free music lessons


Camilla Wynes, Staff Writer

A free music program run by students arrived at South Lakes in the spring, in which they offer free virtual instrument lessons to rising highschoolers. The lessons will be relatively casual, and are meant to be a chance for people with or without other practice to have a good time and learn. Sign up is easy, you just have to go here and fill out the form, you will receive a confirmation email and another email to discuss logistics.


This program is thoroughly developed and a great deal of time and care has gone into it. “We were inspired by the successful transition to remote teaching by music educators around the world.” Alex Gifford, one of the founders says, “A lot of professional musicians started doing things like offering free masterclasses and lessons, so we were galvanized by their generosity. We have the opportunity of working with younger students in the community in the spring each year, and since these students lost live instruction, we saw an opportunity to connect with them like we would have done for the pyramid concert.” 


Many younger students in the South Lakes community have already begun to take music lessons with band members. Everyone involved is flourishing despite the typical challenges with teaching online, the instructing band members reported. The Seahawk Pedagogy is a huge success so far and will continue to grow and evolve with every new enrollment.