A guide to online Secret Santa


The holidays are looking very different this year. No large gatherings, limited travel, mask wearing and social distancing continue through the holidays. Although we are used to most of this by now, the impact of COVID worsens during the holiday season. We are supposed to be spending time together, exchanging gifts and having fun in person, but unfortunately we can’t do it the way we always have.


While people may not be able to exchange gifts, and have fun in person, there is an awesome alternative: An online Secret Santa! There are various different websites that you can use for this online fun such as Draw Names , Elfster and Secret Santa Organizer. They are all great resources to create your group’s exchange. 


On these websites, your groups organizer will create a group page. They will send you the link to join the page and your whole group will assemble. Once you get the link to join your group you can sign up and make a profile on the website. After you finish making your profile, you will create a wish list! The wish list catalog is linked to online websites such as Amazon, but also linked to most mainstream stores such as Sephora, Nordstrom, Target and more. You can edit your wishlist at any time, and view your friends wishlists to see what they might want! 


Once you order your friend their gift and ship it to them, another fun thing you could do is have a reveal party on Zoom to see what everybody received. You could all show off what you got and maybe even watch a nice holiday movie!


Although this year’s holiday celebrations will be drastically different, it is important to remember that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we can still have fun even if we are not physically together. 


Happy Holidays, Seahawks!