Studying tips every student should know


Image via Student Spaces

Studying is a great way to get your brain working and grades up! This school year has been very challenging for everyone since there are many restrictions. School started off virtual which threw off a lot of students since your first day of school usually gives you a hint of what the rest of the year would be like. Many people have adapted more to the online learning environment, helping them get through this school year. Another thing that can help is by following these study tips!


Get organized

A great way to become motivated into studying is by organizing your notes. Compared to the normal bullet point and word by word notes, you’d feel better if they were well organized. Before you take notes, always list down things that you know and remember. This will help you figure out the things you need to focus on in class and study. An extra hint that helps other students is adding images or highlighting important information. Looking at color feels great for the eyes and it’ll get your brain thinking quicker.


Space out

Second, have a clear space. If you don’t have enough space on your desks, try organizing it or finding another place to work. Looking at piles of papers or a mess will really make you feel stressed out and even drained. In order to focus on something, you need to have a clear and calm mind. You don’t need other things around that aren’t related to your work unless you really need it. It gets really tempting when you see other things so you may even get distracted. 


Treat yourself

Lastly, take a break and reward yourself whenever you get through a unit or lesson. Studying for hours is uncomfortable and makes you get tired faster. Give yourself a five minute break to clear your mind then play with a pet or even take a walk. Of course you’ll feel the strong urge to just get over the studying but rewarding yourself will feel so much better. Don’t overwork yourself by forcing your mind to remember everything at once. It takes time to remember things and everyone needs to know that.