Things to do as you prepare to graduate


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Audrey Wheeler, Staff Writer

What do you want to accomplish before your time in high school is over? This is a type of question that sparks the best conversations and really makes you wonder. You could be a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior and have an entire bucket list all set, or you could have zero clue what you want to do in high school because maybe you’ve never thought of that before. Your list can honestly depend on what you really want to achieve, whether in your academic or personal life. Anything can be added to your list. Some students think that high school goes by insanely fast, while others think it feels like an eternity. Could be both! Here is a list of a few things to keep in mind that you could add to your personal high school bucket list, just to give you an idea or two! 


Get involved – the possibilities are endless when it comes to being an active member of the South Lakes community. Volunteering, being a manager of a sports team, being a part of a club that is centered around your certain interests, taking that class you’ve always wanted to take, etc. Stepping outside of your comfort zone more in the school in any way at all can contribute immensely to your high school growth and allow you to put yourself out there more, which is a crucial life skill to have! Why not start now?


Have mentors and mentees- it’s always great to have friends that are in your grade, but remember to befriend some under and upperclassmen as well! Making friends with students who are in a higher grade level can become extremely helpful if you ever need a mentor or someone to look up to who is still experiencing the same things in school that you are. As for underclassmen, you can end up being an excellent guide for them, especially if they are adjusting to high school and could use some extra support. 

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Be intentional- as cliche as it sounds, high school really does fly by right before your eyes. You can make the most of your years at South Lakes by being driven by purpose. Be more conscious with the time you are spending and the certain people you are around. Be slow to speak and quick to listen. Learn to be more encouraging and reflect on if your actions and words are necessary or not. Pay attention to your habits. All of that matters!


Embrace failure – It’s inevitable, so you might as well accept it! Although failure can easily be seen as a setback, it doesn’t have to be. It’s all in the way you visualize it. Making mistakes is crucial for your success in life and your growth. As long as you are aware of your current situation and are working towards exploring different ways around it so you don’t have to endure the same incident, you’re already ahead of the game. Failure is the start of a new opportunity, not the end all be all. 

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Make a time capsule – This one is just for fun! A time capsule is such a creative way to reflect back on all the memories you made while in high school! All you need is a box, a can, a jar, just about anything that you will be able to put your keepsakes in. Write a letter to your future self and seal it up. In the letter, ask all of the questions you would want to know about yourself in the upcoming years. What job do you have? Has a lot in your life changed? Or has everything mostly stayed the same? Where do you live now? What lessons are you currently learning in this season of life? In the letter, make sure you write down the date and set a reminder of when you would like to open it. Five years from now? 10? 20? You decide! You can also add in some photos, notes from your friends, or anything that reminds you of highschool that is special to you. Whether you choose to hide the capsule in your house or plant it in the ground, don’t open it until it’s time to! When you get to see it again someday, you will be able to smile and reminisce from times you were just a teenager!