The Relocation of Weber’s Pet Supermarket


Photo via Fromm Family Foods

The popular pet store, Weber’s, is being relocated after being at the Fox Mill Shopping Center for over ten years. 

Weber’s is the perfect place to go for any animal supplies needed. When you walk in, you are greeted by cats who spend their days roaming the store. Additionally, there is a pet wash available.

Weber’s has been extremely successful in their current location. The reason behind the movement is due to the high rent they are facing. They are moving from 2599 John Milton Drive to 2280 Hunters Wood Plaza in Reston. Their current lease ends in September and they will be reopening hopefully by the beginning of October. 

The next Weber’s location will be smaller than the Fox Mill location, however, the dog wash will still be available. Currently, shelving is being put in by the new crew as they prepare to open. Although Weber’s is excited for their change, the community does not seem to feel the same way. There seems to be concern raised to the movement, Steve Scott, a member of the community said “ Hunter’s Woods…Oh. The center that’s surrounded, apparently, by nighttime gunshots?” This is due to the numerous shootings that have taken place in that area. Safety is important to people so this move is viewed as a hazard to some. Although some of the community is disappointed to hear the news, others are more optimistic. Many of them are “ happy to hear about the relocation” said Janet Erickson as it is a fresh start and can appeal to new customers. 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, pet adoption has skyrocketed. The Pet Industry sales in 2020 surpassed $100 billion for the first time. Having a local pet store is crucial for pet owners. It will just be harder for those who relied on the Fox Mill Shopping Center Weber’s to adjust to the change.