Tips to Support Small Businesses


Photo via American Express

Whether it’s buying $100 worth of food at a local bakery or posting a picture of a cute sweater from an online clothing shop, you’re supporting a small business. The pandemic has impacted so many small businesses in so many different ways. Some had to let go of employees, while others were forced to shut down. However, there are plenty of ways that you can help small businesses stay open and thrive during this global health crisis. 

Buying even just  a product or two can help small businesses grow exponentially. Funding a small business helps to pay the expenses of remaining open and operating as well as helping the owner(s) to stay motivated and  continue providing for the community.

Tipping generously can help make up the hours that the business’s lost during the pandemic. It might also just make someone’s day. 

Leaving reviews on an app such as Yelp, or just sharing how much you loved the businesses products on social media, can boost the number of people shopping for the business.

Along with leaving reviews, talking about the small businesses with friends and family can help spread the word about how much the business has to offer.  A voice can spread through towns and cities to create the next big corporation. 

You can also support a small business without even buying their products. Just sharing a photo of a cute sweater or tagging your friend in a post are great ways to promote exposure and showcase their products. 

Supporting small businesses in your daily routine can help an entrepreneur’s goals succeed. Instead of getting your morning coffee from a large chain franchise, consider getting it from your local coffee shop. If you are planning a DIY project, consider buying your supplies from an online craft store.

There are so many ways to support local businesses, some without even leaving your couch. When you shop small, you’re not only supporting the business, but a real person too. So what are you waiting for? Go out and shop small today!