Benefits of Doodling in Class


Image via Learning Liftoff

Emily Conway, Staff Writer

While many teachers may think of doodling as a distraction in class, it actually has many benefits to students and how they learn. Many people believe doodling to be done out of boredom during a call, class or meeting, but that could not be more wrong. Doodling is a very effective study method that is useful for remembering key facts and ideas. Doodling can be a great way to remember important information by connecting it to a reference doodle. This concept has been found to increase memory recall. By connecting important points in class to fun and memorable doodles, one creates new ways to remember a lesson more effectively. Since many students are very tired in class, doodling can help wake them up and keep them engaged in learning. 

A study found that students who were instructed to doodle during a pre-recorded lecture could remember 29% more content afterward than students who weren’t given any instructions at all. While there are many different types of learners, visual learners are the most common at around 65% of the population, according to Forbes. Doodling is a form of visual note-taking, and seeing that so many people learn best visually, doodling is very helpful. Because school requires a lot of sitting down and listening, doodling is a simple and easy way to keep one’s brain active and focus on the main points of the lesson. Doodling is also a great way to study, since doodles that symbolize an important topic discussed in class are much easier to remember than all of the topics themselves. Similarly, research done by, and Scientific American have also shown that students can recall much more information if they write their notes by hand when compared to virtual notes or notes on their computer. In conclusion, doodling in class is an effective way for students to stay engaged in learning and encourages their love of learning. In the future, if boredom strikes in class, try doodling about the class topic to stay engaged!