Students Express Gratitude for Teacher Appreciation Week 2022


Image via South Carolina ETV

Each year, the National PTA designates the first full week of May to teachers all across the U.S.A. for Teacher Appreciation Week. The Sentinel conducted a survey this year, and the results provide some much earned love and appreciation for our valued teachers. Take a read below at the kind messages left by students across the school. 


Ms. Keisler 

“Ms Keisler is an awesome teacher. She has helped me grow a lot in poetry, and in writing in general. Thank you!” Freshman, Hadley Smith said.


Mrs. Morrison 

She really helped change my views on writing and annotations. She has helped me greatly throughout the school year by constantly helping me improve my grades. I will really miss having Mrs. Morrison next year, but whenever I need help I’ll always go to her!” Sophomore Beck Baker thanked Mrs. Morrison by saying.


Mr. Millar 

“Thank you for continuing to push me to grow these past four years that I’ve known you” Senior Nehemiah Kibler expressed his gratitude to Mr. Millar. One student said that Mr. Millar made class enjoyable for her, despite her dislike of Math. 


Mrs. Warstler 

“She helps me use photoshop since it’s difficult. She makes me happy everyday at school,” Junior Sarita Auman thanks her photography teacher Mrs Warstler by saying 


Mrs. Gigliotti 

Seniors Tammy Guidry and Ireland DiBacco express their gratitude to Mrs. Gigliotti. Both have been choir students all four years. “Thank you for always leaving me in a better mood than when I came in! Meditation and stretches have helped me so much in going about my regular day,” says Tammy. Ireland thanks Mrs. Gigliotti for her ongoing support by saying “thank you for believing in me and my abilities to succeed. It is always a joy to come to Choir class and to be a part of the tight-knit community you have created. Your impact lasts far past your presence, and although we are sad to see you go, we are so grateful for the time you have dedicated to making us better performers.” 


Mrs. Pellerin 

“Thank you Mrs. Pellerin. You are always there for me not only academically, but emotionally too,” Senior Paige Goldstein thanks Mrs. Pellerin by saying.

Ms. Girardi 

Senior Ireland DiBacco thanks theater teacher Ms Girardi by saying “Thank you Ms. Girardi! Your time at South Lakes has been brief but fruitful. You have pushed me as a performer and I am so grateful to have done two productions under your direction. Thank you for all of your support and encouragement throughout this past year and for bringing theater at South Lakes back to life.” 


Mrs. Sheppard 

“Mrs. Sheppard impacted me in a good way by helping me stay more engaged within my Algebra class. She also helped me to come up with new ways to solve math problems. I learned a lot thanks to her. It was really fun being in her class!” said Freshman Dania Hernandez 


Mr. Rivers 

Senior Jaeya Taxali credits Mr. River’s great attitude by saying “Thank you for being so enthusiastic about biology! Your passion towards the subject makes me smile and makes me more motivated each and every class.”  Another student adds “Your energy and dedication is really appreciated and I’m so glad I got to have you as a teacher this year!”


Dr. Holah 

“You always teach with such love and passion for biology, I appreciate you! Thank you for being an awesome and understanding teacher!” One student gives their thanks by saying.


Mrs. Padgett 

“Thank you for usually understanding my sarcasm,” Senior Alex Grover says. 


Mr. Vasudevan 

“Thank you for being a friend,” Sophomore Marshall Platt says.


Mrs. Brown 

“Thank you for making English such an enjoyable class!  I always love our class discussions on literature and even the nature of life itself! I wouldn’t want to start the school day any other way!” Sophomore Veronika Owen says.


Mr. Baldwin 

One student thanks Mr. Baldwin by saying “Thanks for making orchestra class such a fun environment. This class always gives us something to look forward to after a long day of school!”


Mrs. Trigiano 

Our beloved journalism advisor, Mrs. Trigiano has been praised by multiple students for being a chill teacher with a great attitude, and someone who genuinely cares about her students. Freshman Arik Weitzman thanked Mrs. Trigiano by saying “Thank you for giving us freedom in journalism to write about what we want.”