Traditional Tastes Of Ramadan

Samia Akter, Staff Writer

In the month of Ramadan, those who are able, fast from sunrise to sunset. During this time, all foods and drinks are given up until sunset, the set time to break the fast. For the month of Ramadan there are many different traditional foods and drinks. Here are a few of those food and drink items that are served during this time of the year.



A big Ramadan tradition is breaking a fast with a couple of dates. Dates are commonly eaten after one breaks their fast (iftar), and the time before the start of a new one (Suhoor). They are a source of energy and a way to feel full for a longer period of time. Not only do they help with fasting during the day, but they have a significant taste as well. They are naturally sweet, and full of many nutrients.

 Image: Medical News Today



Pakora Fritters

This delicious snack is common among families. Made with various different vegetables, and spices, pakora fritters are crunchy and filling. The mixture of vegetables are coated in a flour batter and fried until golden-brown. The taste of these little fritters are bitter with a hint of spice. This traditional food item is a great snack after a long day of fasting, and fantastic to try for the very first time.

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Fruit Custard

Any kind of fruit dish is very popular in the month of Ramadan. Fruit custard is one of the many types of dishes that makes its way to the table almost every time. This snack is a mixture of milk and a few different fruits, and contains a lot of vitamins. A well-desired fruit custard is mainly eaten during iftar, because of its high levels of nutrients and its ability to increase energy levels.

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These sugary treats are very common in Ramadan. Bits of batter are poured into hot oil and once they’re done frying, instantly placed into a sugar-syrup that’s been on slow heat for some time. After they are completely soaked in the sugary-syrup, they are ready to be enjoyed. This sweet and crispy treat is typically eaten after the filling meal one eats for iftar. Jalebi is not only a traditional taste of Ramadan, but it’s a delicious dessert any time.

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One of the most popular drinks in the Middle East is Jallab. This drink, typically served cold, is found in many family households in Ramdan. It is made of dates, grape molasses, a hint of rose water, and tons of ice to keep its chill from going away. Sometimes they will contain nuts and raisins as well. It is a refreshing drink, and is typically served for iftar. After all the delicious foods that make their way to the table, a cup of Jallab is a great way to wash it all down.

Image: Food Heritage Foundation


There are a lot of great foods and drinks that help with fasting. Hydration and having enough energy throughout the day is important during this time, and with these snacks, dishes, and drinks, that is possible. Not only do these nourishing traditional tastes of Ramadan help with fasting, but they are filled with flavor and nutrients.