Scouting Summer Vacations with Slashed Prices


Photo via Peter Unger/Getty Images

Madeline Miller, Staff Writer

As the summer approaches, so does the want for traveling. The yearning for a nice, warm vacation away from home is a common desire for the beginning of summer, but how can people have a nice vacation without destroying their bank accounts?

There are plenty of people who want to get away from home as a way to kick off the sunny season, but may not have the resources to pay for a crazy getaway. No worries! There is no lack of lovely locations that are less expensive, but still give the traveler the feeling of that needed escape.

The first location is Bar Harbor, Maine. This town has tropical beaches, cute stores, and a small-town feeling that entices many. When visiting in the summer, the temperature is warm and comfortable for a day to swim. The town has many individual stores that make the area look like a Hallmark movie. When looking for a place to visit, do not mark this one off the list.

The next affordable location is Niagara Falls in either Ontario, Canada or New York. This natural attraction is very well known for being beautiful, and not something to miss. The roaring waterfall is a sight to behold, along with the pretty scenery around it. If someone is looking for a vacation with a lovely outdoor element, this is the place to go.

Following the Falls comes Surfside Beach in South Carolina. This beach includes games, beach hula, fire-eaters, fishing and even more. With lots of activities to keep everyone entertained, this location is the perfect place for a family. It is even nicknamed “The Family Beach”. For families who want to vacation together, this is a great choice.

To conclude this list of locations will be Montreal. This area has beautiful towns that a person could look through for days. They also have gardens and scenery for those who are interested in nature. The temperature gets from the 70s to 80s in the summer, so there will be no forgetting the season. If someone enjoys history, Montreal also has loads of museums and historical sights to wander through. This location is a great spot for many people.

Being on a budget does not mean vacations are out of the question. There are plenty of places that are as equally luxurious as some more known places. Enjoying the summer is a necessity, so book that hotel and have a great vacation!