Joey Burvis Feature

Image via Joey Burvis

Image via Joey Burvis

  Joey Burvis is an FCPS student and a huge contributor to his community. Whether it’s contributing to charity, tutoring students, or helping out at the gym, Joey always makes sure to help out.


  Burvis makes an effort to do charitable activities and projects. Most recently, he went on a largely charitable trip in an attempt to help others. Through doing this he not only helped those in need but also made memorable relationships with those around him.


  “The most recent charity project I worked on was a mission trip with my church to Webster Springs, West Virginia. The organization we worked with (The West Virginia Ministry of Advocacy and Workcamps or WVMAW) helped out with various small projects that needed to be done in the community,” Joey Burvis explains.


 Through working with The West Virginia Ministry of Advocacy and Workcamps, Burvis, along with the rest of the volunteers, were able to help with many tasks. Along with those tasks, Burvis’s group was assigned a large project to complete.


 “The project we were assigned to was for a woman with breast cancer. She could no longer get down her porch stairs, however, she could not afford to rebuild her porch. Due to this, we built her a new ramp,” said Burvis.


 This project was very important to this woman and incredibly helpful. Now she can easily move in and out of her house, without worrying about spending too much money. The turnout of this project was very positive and helps to explain the importance of the charity that Burvis gets done.


 Throughout the trip, there was also a lot of bonding that occurred. Between the people who were helping, as well as the animals on site which included two dogs, as well as a horse. 


 “The horse was named Jasper. The smaller dog, Hazel, was super chill. The bigger dog named Diesel was hyper. I was always chasing him and having a good time,” Burvis reminisces. 


  Joey Burvis is always willing to help out no matter the situation. He is a valued member of the community and plans to continue helping out. When it comes to someone reliable, you can count on Joey Burvis!