Signing yearbooks a hassle for many students

Viviana Del Toro

Will Sweet, managing editor

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Yearbooks can be a welcome sight for many students. Their arrival signals the end of the school year. For some, though, yearbooks coming in can be a groan-inducing event.

For these students, there is nothing they dread more than having a yearbook and pen thrown in their face.

“It’s annoying when I’m trying to do schoolwork and I get bombarded with yearbooks people want me to sign,” said senior Tim Teh. “Then my teachers yell at me for having a yearbook out.”

Coming up with something to write that is both witty and sentimental is a challenge for many.

“I feel so pressured to write something that people are going to remember me by,” said senior Cameron Arshadi. “I feel like I’m going to have a mental breakdown or something.”

Another senior, Nabil Bahkshi, doesn’t carry his yearbook around school because he fears that people will try to sign it, and then get him to sign theirs in return.

“It’s such a hassle to sign yearbooks,” said Bahkshi. “A lot of people who ask me to sign their yearbooks I don’t even know that well. What am I supposed to say to these people? I get so annoyed.”

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