Temple Run app increases in popularity

Layla Sharaf

The app Temple Run has created a new craze at South Lakes.

Layla Sharaf, staff writer

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With iPhones consistently gaining popularity, so have the millions of applications available on them. Most notable of these “apps” are “Angry Birds” and “Fruit Ninja,” but recently a new game has taken over the screens of many Apple product users, Temple Run.

The goal of the game is to guide your character, Guy Dangerous, along the slippery and narrow path of the temple while simultaneously collecting coins. The player’s score is a combination of coins and the distance one lasts without the character dying.

Many students have hopped on this trend playing hours in and outside of school. Some have even formed rigorous and competitive habits constantly attempting to up their peers’ scores.

“I play all the time,” said junior Hayden Hall. “It is a really addicting game and my favorite part is definitely trying to beat my friends’ scores.”

Hall’s highest score is 5,361,252.

Even during Rewards and Remediation, students gather around computers and watch YouTube videos of players reaching scores of 16 million and share their personal high scores.

However, some other students use Temple Run as just another boredom buster.

“I play [Temple Run] once a week maybe,” said freshman Nathan Rosner.

“I only really play when I’m bored,” said sophomore Emily Cochran.

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