Academic curriculum weighing heavily on student’s mental health

Megan Gillespie, staff writer

Has homework been negatively affecting your life outside of school? Many students believe that it does. Junior Topher Whomsley said that excess schoolwork prevents him from doing outside activities because “it takes up most of [his’ free time and sometimes [he] can’t go to soccer practices, which decreases [his] chances of getting a scholarship for college.” Senior Sydney Cook said that “school work has taken [time] away from after-school activities and the opportunity to engage in clubs and sports.” She also stated that a teenager’s life “should be 50% work and 50% play.”

It’s not just upperclassmen that are feeling the pressure; SLHS freshmen are feeling stressed, too. “Ever since school has started, I’ve noticed that I’ve been a lot more tired and stressed,” said freshman Patrick Fletcher. He also said he wishes that the school system was “less textbook and more innovative and hands-on” so that “it’ll be more interesting and appealing to teenagers.”