How to make the most of your snow day


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Photo by Sam Edwards taken from Getty Images

Adriana Agic, staff writer

Every student in school looks forward to snow days. There’s no classes all day – which means more time for sleeping in, Netflix binges, and finishing that homework you were stressing about! However, some students use snow days for relaxation, rest, and rejuvenation so they’ll be able to complete their assignments without all the stress. Here are some tips to help you enjoy your snow day AND get some work done!

Get all your important homework out of the way first
Waking up on a snow day makes you want to get in your warmest sweater and slippers, prepare a cup of cocoa, and binge watch Netflix. However, Netflix bingeing will eventually reel you in, and next thing you know it’s time for bed. Doing your homework in the morning will not only give you more leisure time – you’ll have more time to complete your assignment and you’ll get more sleep because you did everything you were supposed to!

Take breaks if you need to
Many people find it hard to concentrate on a task for a long time, which makes them jittery and restless. If you find yourself becoming unfocused, take a few minute break and then return to whatever you were working on.

Devices : out of sight, out of mind
It’s no secret that kids and teens love their cell phones. Yet, when working on something and your phone is right next to you, your first instinct will be to check it and see if you’re received any new notifications. Put your phone away when you’re working on an assignment, unless the assignment requires you to use it. Limiting distractions will help you finish your tasks at a quicker pace!

Last, but not least, relax and enjoy your snow day
Snow days are loved by both students and teachers too because it’s a good way to rest, relax, and rejuvenate yourself for the next day of school and work. It’s important to remember that snow days aren’t made to stress you out about schoolwork. Although it would be nice to get some work done, snow days are mainly for unwinding. Next time a snow day rolls around, get some work done, and remember to enjoy yourself!