Even a rat hole has its charms

Photo courtesy of Sara Marzaro, staff writer

Photo courtesy of Sara Marzaro, staff writer

Sara Marzaro, staff writer

I am from a tiny village of 1,500 people deep in the mountains. That means everyone knows each other and no matter what you do, you will be always in the spotlight. It is that kind of place where you can just walk to go everywhere, everybody has is own trusted pub, and there are no popular coffee houses such as Starbucks. Strange figures hang around and I know a bunch of funny anecdotes which passed on through generations: I remember a lonely, chubby, tall man always walking his little dog. Everyone would make fun of him, including myself. I was told this man would go blessing houses while riding his bike, until one day, he zoomed right in front of a pub, took his hands off the handlebar, and shouted “God bless you all!” – only to end up in the trash cans. The garbage was all over him and everybody laughed out loud. Since that moment, the man never talked to anyone. After a couple of years, he disappeared and people began speculating about him, of course. Someone would even tell the man killed himself because this was his mother’s last wish before dying. She actually perished, but he did not, do not worry. I found out he moved; he should be safe from these insane rumors at least.

On Friday, March 15, in over 100 countries, thousands of teenagers skipped school and went striking for climate concerns. It may be one of the biggest environmental protests ever, it involved not only students, but families and elderly people as well. In my hometown, back in Italy, everyone joined the event: my compatriots rolled up their sleeves and embarked on a great march, waving posters. The picture included with this article is of the protest in Feltre, my hometown. My fellow villagers joined forces in order to address our planet’s issues. We cannot ignore how negatively humans are impacting the earth. We must work hard for our world; it is our duty to take care of the ecosystem, since is our home and offers unforgettable experiences.

I am not going to talk about the protest or environmental problems, but tell you to appreciate your community: us kids get sick of living in our hometown and want to leave at all costs. Adolescence is like a sea with no harbor, therefore, we must start looking for one. Thrill is our keyword, we start making plans, fantasizing about the future, and searching for new perspectives. We are extremely sure that our city cannot offer much anymore, and it is frustrating repeating the same routine every day.

I want to convince you that your hometown is amazing. Yes, mine has the dimensions of a rat hole, but is a charming village as well. I would have never thought so many citizens had gathered for a good cause, not only for gossiping. I live in a small reality, but it made me the person I am today. It made me the person who is capable of great things, such as flying to another continent by herself. If you cannot wait to leave, do it, but do not blame and despise your own city. Instead, think about all its strengths and be grateful for being so brave to leave your family, friends, or even your country.