Uma Shakarchi: Behind the Beauty


Photo: Taylor Anderson

     In light of the previous article, Uma Shakarchi: Model in the Making, our 15 year old spotlight model continues to thrive behind not only the lights and camera, but every inch of the action.

     Shakarchi wakes at 8am on a typical shoot day, and starts it off productively with a thorough skin care routine, following a good night’s sleep. Shortly after, she loads outfits into the car and is on her way, while eating the crucial coffee and bagel for the day. 

     Before the camera captures Shakarchi’s most iconic and breathtaking looks, a unique style must be created and well executed. To achieve the final photo finish, the art of hair and makeup must be invested into at least the first two hours of the actual shoot, depending on how heavy they need to be done. Typically, a model will have a standard team to complete their look. This team often consists of a professional makeup artist and hair stylist, who more often than not, come prepared with their own supplies necessary to accomplish each vision for the model. Working together with the photographer, the team, including the model, will come up with an idea for a look that fits the aesthetic of the project, like an advertisement, or a model’s portfolio, in Shakarchi’s case.

     Shakarchi’s backstage action lasts for almost three hours to complete an angstier look, while the lighter ones take about an hour to an hour and a half. The results of each are uniquely fabulous.                                                             

Photo: Taylor Anderson

     Not only is her photographer’s camera focused on her, but the teams’ social media accounts also surround Shakarchi, capturing behind the scenes action for Instagram. The use of social media helps draw attention to the final pictures, and posting sneak peaks on platforms such as Instagram can dig up excitement, leading to a potential scouting by an agency.

     She keeps her head up under the pressure, and lets any negativity slide off of her shoulders once she steps in front of the camera, because again, “It’s the adrenaline of it all,” she says. Nothing will stop her from reaching toward her dream of getting signed, and a seven hour long Saturday shoot is sometimes what’s necessary to get her there.

     Getting a behind the scenes glimpse is truly a privilege, especially for those ill-informed about the world of modeling. We are so grateful that Shakarchi allowed us to take a look into her glamorous work.