FCPS journalism students attend county press conference

Journalism students from around the county entered the FCPS Administrative building on Nov. 20 to attend a press conference hosted by Superintendent, Dr. Karen Garza discussing school budgeting and other issues.

The conference discussion revolved around the FCPS budget cuts. Students representing their schools from all over the county attended the press conference.

Though Dr. Garza couldn’t give a list of what the board might cut, she was able to gives an idea on how the budget revolves around class structure and size.

“We can’t affect this deficit without affect class sizes because that’s where all our money is,” said Dr. Garza. “Larger schools have a lot more resources because they are funded on the amount of students. Though it [the budget] would affect everyone, it would affect the smaller schools more because of the size of the school.”

Many students asked Dr. Garza about there being other changes, such as to the language and special education programs, to a raise in the extracurricular activities fee due to the new budget.

You can check out the full press conference here: