Animal adoption during a pandemic


Image via Bayside Animal Hospital

Maddy McFarlin, Staff Writer

Aside from all the negatives in the news recently, there has been one positive that has emerged because of the pandemic. That positive is puppies! Many people across the country have been adopting and fostering animals because of their time at home. And even better, there has been a shortage of animals in rescue centers!

Of course, there are so many animal lovers out there, but many people have jobs with long hours or just a busy schedule. It may not be fair to the puppy to not be able to train him or take him out when he needs to. Puppies are a lot of work and require a ton of time. Now that everyone is stuck at home, many people feel like it is the perfect time to adopt an animal. 

Spending every day locked inside can be boring, but an animal is a perfect way to add some excitement. Adopting an animal is a huge decision, but being at home allows many people to devote the time that is necessary for an animal.  

Interestingly enough, there was a spike in animal adoptions at the start of Corona, however rates have gone down since. This is because many shelters don’t have enough animals for adoption! Many shelters are feeling good about the fact that the number of foster homes and adoptions have gone up because it makes it less stressful for the shelters to have to worry about all of the animals. They can feel better knowing these animals are going to safe and happy homes where they will be loved.