Celsius Flavors: What you can expect

Image via Eat Clean Bro

Image via Eat Clean Bro

Celsius is the newest energy drink that has taken over the lives of many. With varying flavors, benefits, and enticing ads, Celsius has been able to sway plenty of people! With as many flavors as there are, you may be wondering which are better than the rest. Below are some of the flavors that people absolutely adore.

Starting off is the Peach Vibe flavor. These are comparable peach rings, which are candies that many people like. It does have a very sweet taste, so if you enjoy your drinks to be candy sweet, give this flavor a try! If not, no worries—there are plenty more.

Another common favorite is the Watermelon flavor. If you enjoy artificial watermelon candy, this drink is for you. It tastes a lot like any watermelon flavored product, with some added carbonation. This flavor is definitely worth a try if you enjoy watermelon.

Next up is the Fantasy Vibe flavor. The flavors identified by Celsius are mandarin and marshmallow. Although it sounds a little different, this drink tastes a lot like a creamsicle. This is many people’s new favorite due to the originality of it so for a unique drink this might be the flavor for you.

If you’re not into carbonated beverages, Celsius also offers some non-carbonated flavors such as Mango Green Tea or Raspberry Green Tea. For a less intense and sweet taste, try one of these out. This flavor offers the same amount of energy with a much less sweet taste. Plus with carbonation taken away, this one is much more calm.

  Finally, there is Tropical Vibe. Sipping on this drink reminds you of being on an island. Including flavors such as starfruit and pineapple, it definitely gives a vacation, tropical type of vibe. While this flavor is still very sweet and carbonated, it is less sweet than the others and has a less artificial taste.

Celsius has a numerous amount of flavors to choose from, allowing any consumer to hopefully find one they can enjoy. Next time you go to your local grocery or convenience store, make sure to pick one up!